Creative Business Space

Creative Business Space is the newly launched business matching platform by the Creative Economy Agency (Public Organization), or CEA, to kick off collaboration and opportunities for 80 established creative studios with related businesses in the manufacturing and service sector under the Creative Gastronomy category. With the ongoing expansion of the gastronomic and creative hospitality scenes, CEA aims to boost and foster the growth of creative studios to match the budding growth of restaurants, cafes, hotels, and related businesses in the manufacturing and service sector, enabling unique selling points and the ability to create new experiences that help differentiate them in running the business. 

Creative Business Space is scheduled to take place on 24 August 2023, during 10.00 - 19.00 hrs, at Samyan Mitrtown Hall, Fl. 5, Samyan Mitrtown, Bangkok. 

Info & Download

Download E-Catalog featuring 80 creative studios and service businesses in the Creative Gastronomy category from the Creative Business Space event.

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