About CEA

The integration of all sectors is needed for the development of nation’s creative economy, therefore Creative Economy Agency (Public Organization) is established to support and develop creative economy, enhance the entrepreneurs, create ecosystem for the creative personnel, and create connections with wisdom, culture, and production sectors which are factors in driving the economy.


Established the Creative Economy Agency (Public Organization): CEA with the mission to promote the Creative Economy as the driving force to a balanced and sustainable economy.

OKMD undertook a restructure of its specialized agencies. The Executive Board of Directors resolved to dissolve Institute for Gifted and Innovative Learning. The Board also mandated that the Center of Excellence in Bioscience of Thailand and the Center for Moral Development be established as independent public organizations in accordance with the Royal Decree to establish the Center of Excellence in Bioscience (Public Organization) dated 28 May 2011 and the Royal Decree to Establish the Center for Moral Development (Public Organization). The decision left OKMD with 3 agencies: Thai Knowledge Park (TK park), Thailand Creative & Design Center (TCDC) and National Discovery Museum Institute (NDMI).

The Executive Board rescinded the merger between Thailand Creative & Design Center and National Discovery Museum Institute. They reverted to 2 agencies as originally established.

The OKMD Executive Board of Directors resolved to merge 4 agencies into 2 agencies. National Center for the Gifted and Science of Learning Institute were merged into Institute for Gifted and Innovative Learning. National Discovery Museum Institute and Thailand Creative & Design Center became Learning and Creative Institute.

TCDC’s opening ceremony was held on 14 November 2005 on the 6 floor of The Emporium Shopping Complex. TCDC has serviced the public since 15 November 2005. TCDC is managed under the supervision of the Office of Knowledge Management and Development (Public Organization), OKMD in short, which consists of 7 specialized agencies as follows: Thai Knowledge Park (TK park), Thailand Creative & Design Center (TCDC), National Discovery Museum Institute (NDMI), Science of Learning Institute, National Center for the Gifted, Center of Excellence in Bioscience of Thailand and Center for Moral Development.


To become the key driving force of Thailand’s creative economy in the global arena.


1. To promote and develop the creative economy and its enabling factors in order to push forward the development and improvement of the economy.
2. To promote and support the development of creativity and innovation to local communities, general public and educational institutions.
3. To promote and develop spaces with conducive atmosphere for creativity and starting a new business, and the fostering of a creative economy district.
4. To develop entrepreneurs and to promote the use of creative thinking process to creative products and build innovations for enhancement of country’s economic competitiveness.
5.  To function as a center that gathers collecting and develops information and statistics on the creative economy for policy-based decision-making, support creativity and build innovation.
6. To promote and collaborate with public and private organizations, including international organizations, in order to exchange and transfer knowledge on creativity for the development of country’s creative economy.

Organization Chart




  • Mr. Wisit Wisitsora-At

    Board Member

  • Mr. Keerati Rushchano

    Board Member

  • Mr. Nattapol Rangsitpol

    Board Member

  • Mr. Danucha Pichayanan

    Board Member

  • Mr. Wannachai Boonbumrung

    Board Member

  • Mrs. Kobkarn Wattanavrangkul

    Board Member

  • Mrs. Karndee Leopairote

    Board Member

  • Mr. Kanit Vallayapet

    Board Member

  • Mr. Ake Pattaratanakun

    Board Member

  • Mr. Chakrit Pichyangkul

    Board Member and Secretary


Board Meeting



  • Mr. Chakrit Pichyangkul

    Executive Director

  • Mr. Inthaphan Buakeow

    Deputy Director

  • Mr. Pichit Virankabutra

    Deputy Director

  • Ms. Sirion Hrimpranee

    Assistant Executive Director

  • Ms. Puthasri Samee

    Director of Corporate Development

  • Mr. Nara Benjabutr

    Director of Policy and Strategic Planning

  • Mrs. Preyanan Mongkolsri

    Director of Communication and Marketing

  • Mr. Lerchart Thamtheerasathian

    Director of Knowledge Development

  • Mr. Inthaphan Buakeow

    Acting Director of Creative Industry Development

  • Mr. Asa Piwkhum

    Director of Business and Innovation Development

  • Ms. Pantitra Sinpibul

    Director of Creative City Development

  • Mr. Pichit Virankabutra

    Acting Director of Chiang Mai Office

  • Mr. Saksee Phonsantikul

    Director of Khon Kaen Office

  • Ms. Sirion Hrimpranee

    Acting Director of Songkhla Office

  • Mrs. Yuwaree Pongsasanongkul

    Head of Internal Audit

  • Mr. Aphirat Sutantarat

    Head of Information Technology

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Publish date: 12.06.2563