The network of young creative minds prepares Thai secondary school students on their path to becoming professional designers and creative entrepreneurs by practicing design thinking skills. The club provides coaching both online and face-to-face with an emphasis on fun, outside-the-classroom hands-on experience while assisting students to make money and form a network to pave the way for their future as creators.

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Online Challenges

Club members practice eight necessary skills for designers and entrepreneurs by collecting points from "Online Challenges" created by creative industry professionals in the YDC network.

[download] 8 การเรียนรู้และทักษะที่จะได้รับการฝึกฝน

[download] กระบวนการคิดเชิงออกแบบ (Design Thinking)


One-Day Challenge: The Wallet project

In One-Day Challenge: The Wallet Project, YDC members get to practice design thinking that enables them to use their online learning and put it to practice. With an emphasis on empathy, the activity asks members to design a wallet that meets the preferences and characteristics of the user.

[download] การคิดเชิงออกแบบ: เรียนรู้ด้วยการลงมือทำ (Design Thinking: Learning by Doing)