Security Policy

Security Policy Website Security Policy,
Creative Economy Agency (Public Organization)

Website Security Measures and Procedures

Creative Economy Agency (Public Organization) or CEA recognizes the importance of website security for protecting user information from destruction, those with ill intentions or without right to access. Therefore, CEA has set website security measures with Secured Socket Layer (SSL), a technology with high information security standard which accesses information through 128-bits Encryption to encrypt internet-transferred data for every online financial transaction of CEA. This disables online interceptors from using information by using encryption as the main data security measure. Users can take notice of our secured network by looking at the internet protocol “HTTPS or Secure HyperText Transmission Protocol” in front of

Complimentary Security Technology

In addition to the aforementioned security measures and procedures, CEA also employs the following high technologies to secure your personal information

Firewall. A software system that will allow only those with the right and CEA permission to access information.

Scan Virus. Not only CEA installs high-efficiency antivirus software on every computer with regular updates, CEA also installs virus scanner on our server hardware.

Cookies. Small computer files that will record temporary data onto user computer for convenience and speed of communication. However, CEA recognizes the significance of user privacy, therefore CEA avoids using cookies. In case of necessity, CEA will carefully consider the use of cookies and prioritize user information security and privacy first.

Auto Log Off. User must always log off after each use of our website. In case users forget to log off, our system will automatically log your account off within a proper time span after each use for your security.

Suggestions for Security

Even though CEA has set strict security measures and procedures in order to secure your confidential information, there is still no security system that can absolutely protect your information from being destroyed or accessed by unauthorized individuals. Therefore, users must take the following suggestions into consideration:

Be careful with downloading programs from the internet and should always check the website address before logging in to avoid fake websites.

Install virus scanner on your computer and always try to keep up with new updates and upgrades.

Install personal Firewall on your computer to protect your computer from cyberattacks by exploitative individuals such as cracker or hacker.