Isan Creative Festival 2024

Proud of Isan, 29 June - 7 July 2024 in Khon Kaen

The upcoming Isan Creative Festival 2024 (ISANCF2024), organized by the Creative Economy Agency (Public Organization), or CEA, will take place from 29 June to 7 July 2024 in the main districts of Khon Kaen: Kungsadan district, at TCDC Khon Kaen, the Faculty of Architecture, and the Faculty of Fine and Applied Art, Khon Kaen University; Srichan district at Ad Lib Khon Kaen Hotel, and other areas across the province such as Columbo Creative Community.

This year marks the 4th edition of the festival, themed “Sa-on De (สะออนเด้)” or “Proud of Isan: Mixing Isan - Elaborating - Enhancing.” The aim is to communicate the value of creativity as a tool for creating livelihood opportunities in Isan, the Northeastern region of Thailand, through creative work that integrates local and cultural assets, such as food, music, and performances. Additionally, the festival aims to communicate the value of Isan essence that can be enhanced and has sustainable growth. 

Proud of Isan, Coming Together, Growing Together

Enjoyment, charm, and creativity are what make “Isan” a livable region, boasting all the flourishing factors for settling down, including food, music, culture, and creative spaces that encourage secure careers. 

In recent years, especially after the COVID-19 pandemic, many Isan laborers have moved back to their hometowns to work. According to the article “Isan laborers return home; how many laborers return to their original economic area” by the Bank of Thailand, Northeastern Region Office, around 400,000 Isan laborers gradually returned home. Following the crisis, 80,000 laborers returned to the central region for work, whereas 320,000 laborers, accounting for 80%, are still staying in their homeland. This is due to finding new career opportunities or taking new jobs to further their careers, as well as experiencing greater happiness when they are at home.

ISANCF2024 is committed to assisting the laborers who return to the Isan region in seizing opportunities to earn, work, and find true happiness. It plays a vital role as a platform for collaboration with creators, government organizations, private sectors, communities, and educational institutions to explore the value of local assets in 20 provinces of the Isan region. The festival aims to experiment and innovate, creating new initiatives to enhance Isan’s creative industries and improve the quality of life for its residents, including those who have returned home. Additionally, it seeks to persuade those still contemplating whether to return to their homeland. 

ISANCF2024 Proudly Presents Three Main Concepts of Isan 

(1) Sa-on “Isan Assets” unveils the wealth of Isan assets through its creative people, creative businesses, and creative districts, highlighting the abundance of creative resources in the region.
(2) Sa-on “Isan Experiment” provides a space to experiment with local assets from Isan and explore various methods to enhance the value of products and services. It also aims to cultivate knowledge that empowers individuals within the creative industry to further enhance the value of products and services.  
(3) Sa-on “Isan Opportunity” aims to create opportunities and drive momentum for advancement within the creative business sector. By encouraging the consumption of creative products and services, it seeks to boost economic development and enhance the quality of life for the people in this region.

Five Key Activities Are Presented in the ISANCF2024 with over 200 Programs: 

(1) Showcase & Exhibition
(2) Talk & Workshop
(3) Event & Entertainment
(4) D-Kak Market
(5) Creative District Project

Highlighting Programs Showcasing Isan's Three Outstanding Creative Industries

Combining the above three main concepts with Isan's outstanding creative industries—the entertainment industry, the craft and design industry, and the gastronomy industry—along with the development of creative districts, leads to the creation of various programs related to these dynamic creative fields.

(1) Entertainment Industry: Music, Film, and Performance 

Sa-on “Isan Experiment”
- Isan Sound on Top
- Music & Performing 
- Molam Music Experience 
Sa-on “Isan Opportunity”
- Creative Film Festival
- Short Film

(2) Craft & Design Industry 

Sa-on “Isan Assets”
- Color of Buriram
Sa-on “Isan Experiment”
- Isan Fiber Lab 
Sa-on “Isan Opportunity”
- Isan Showcase
- Kupper Art Fest

(3) Gastronomy Industry

Sa-on “Isan Assets”
- Isan Functional Food Delicious Excellence 
Sa-on “Isan Experiment”
- “RICE” Sustainable in Action 

(4) Creative District Project

Sa-on “Isan Assets”
- Made in Kungsadan
Sa-on “Isan Experiment”
- Eating Destination
Sa-on “Isan Opportunity”
- Creator in District 
- Co-Create Kungsadan

Let’s unite to showcase the essence of Isan creativity, something we can all be proud of, and embark on a journey to transform the region into a creative economy hub. This transformation aims to elevate the quality of life, ensure food security, create livelihood opportunities, establish workplaces, and promote sustainable growth. 

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