Creative Excellence Awards, or CE Awards, are introduced for the first time in recognition of individuals, communities, business operators, offices, organizations, or institutions for their creativity, initiatives, or efforts to create products or services, tools, or procedures using creativity to bring about value creation, generating economic, social, and environmental impact, which in turn will ensure the country’s sustainable development in the future.

Creative Excellence Awards will be announced on 24 August 2023, 17.30 - 20.00 hrs. at Samyan Mitrtown Hall, Fl. 5, Samyan Mitrtown Bangkok. There will be 15 awards given to winners in three main categories, which include

Category 1: Creative City Awards 
(five awards) 

Presented in recognition of efforts to promote greater development of areas, communities, or cities as well as activities that highlight specific identities combined with creative ideas or innovation to produce economic value and expansion that meets the needs of local people and visitors in different dimensions, including social, economic, and sustainability.

1.1 Festival Award
Presented in recognition of activities or festivals that showcase the diversity of arts and culture and prove beneficial to that particular zone, community, and area.

1.2 Branding Award
Presented to an area or city that builds its unique identity and positioning for that area, making it better known and remembered by visitors.

1.3 Cultural Asset Award
Presented to an area or city that brings cultural identity or a main attraction combined with creative ideas to produce outstanding results.

1.4 Regeneration Award
Presented to a project or activity that helps revive and bring back a lively atmosphere to a community or area, enabling it to become an area of creative economy.  

1.5 Advocacy Award
Presented to an agency or organization in both the private and public sectors that provides support in terms of resources to help drive or encourage the creative economy.

Category 2: Creative Business Awards 
(comprising two sub-categories and six awards) 

Sustainability Awards 

Presented to products, services, or projects that place special emphasis on design or production procedures that focus on sustainability and environmental impact awareness by using creativity to achieve sustainability goals.

2.1 Sustainable Product Award (For Large Organization)
2.2 Sustainable Product Award (For SME & Community)
2.3 Sustainable Project Award (For Large Organization)
2.4 Sustainable Project Award (For SME & Community)

Value Creation Awards

In recognition of the use of creativity to bring about value-added business through products, services, or projects that offer a fine balance of economic and sustainability dimensions.

2.5 Value Creation Award
Taking into consideration processes or mechanics that generate value added for the works or project producing outstanding results under the right balance. 

2.6 Cross-Sector Collaboration Award
Presented to individuals, agencies, organizations, or institutions of similar or different industries that build cooperation and encourage activities or projects that generate business value with harmonious collaboration beyond expectation to produce results that are more than 1+1 = 2. 

Category 3: Creative Social Impact Awards 
(four awards) 

In recognition of efforts to apply creative ideas to solving various social obstacles and reduce or minimize any possible impact that may take place.

3.1 Community Engagement Award
Creative ideas are applied to help solve community problems such as inequality, build community engagement, and resolve such problems.

3.2 Creative Well-Being Award
Presented to an activity, project, product, or service that is designed to help promote, support, or develop the mental happiness of people in society, especially those who may be more fragile and have been affected following the COVID-19 pandemic.

3.3 Creative for Elderly Award 
The use of creative ideas in designing products, services, activities, or projects for the elderly that will help enhance their living quality and create greater awareness of self-value as they reach older age. 

3.4 Creative Education Award
In recognition of research or the use of creativity to solve problems of educational inequality and to help create opportunities for certain groups of people to gain access to education and develop their skills.

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