Chiang Mai Design Week 2022

Get ready for Chiang Mai Design Week 2022 “Local ‘Rise’ation” between 3-11 December

Chiang Mai Design Week is back. For the 8th time, the festival comes under the theme “Local ‘Rise’ation” and is set to happen between 3-11 December 2022 to drive the local creative economy in Chiang Mai and the Northern regions to grow sustainably.

Amidst the economic difficulty, social conditions in the world that is swiftly changing, the environmental crisis, and climate change, creative industries across the country and all sectors must hasten the adaptability in order to develop and cope with the changes, as all of the factors affect people’s lives and the development of the nation. 

Chiang Mai Design Week 2022, therefore, is organized with the objectives to boost up and support creative industries and businesses in Northern regions, by emphasizing on the connection, network, and collaboration of all sectors in the north such as creators, entrepreneurs, community, and public sectors. The festival will open space to present the creativity through the experimental approaches that solve problem through the utilization of a creative thinking process combined with scientific and cultural knowledge, product and market trials, as well as to promote the exchange of knowledge, experiences and resources, which will lead to the extension and adaptability of creative businesses, in terms of revenue and hiring. This is regarded as enhancing the quality of life and supporting regional business so they may successfully compete on a national and worldwide stage.

Key Activities

1. Creative District: The opening space for the general public, entrepreneurs of the generation, designers to realize and learn through activities with creative districts.

2. POP Market: The market of creative products and services to promote and connect the network of creative industry entrepreneurs.

3. Projects: The adaptation of knowledge and creative thinking process to improve or solve social issues through various activities such as exhibition, seminar, music, performance and workshops. This aims at promoting the development of business competitiveness and a sustainable creative economy.

4. Friend’s Activity: The activities concurrent to Chiang Mai Design Week, organized by a network of entrepreneurs, designers, craftsmen and communities dedicated to the growth of regional creative industries and communities.

The festival is held in 4 creative economy districts throughout Chiang Mai

The activities in the festival will take places in 4 creative economy districts throughout Chiang Mai, namely the Three Kings Monument, Lam Chang, Chang Moi, San Kamphaeng, and more to promote competitiveness and stimulate the economy in the short term, as well as constantly creating the medium - long term economic impact in the area. The festival also creates opportunities for creative businesses to adapt and grow with quality, as well as being able to be an essential force in driving a strong local creative economy. In 2021 there were a total of 132,711 visitors and participants, which generated an economic value of 485 million baht.

For more information, please contact 

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