Chiang Mai Design Week 2021

The seventh Chiang Mai Design Week 2021, aims to support the Northern Thai creative economy and industries by opening space for creators, communities, and entrepreneurs to present their potential through various products and projects. Expanding creative business network and market through 4 kinds of activities including Creative District, POP Market, Project and Friend’s Activity.

CMDW2021 will take place at Three King Monument, TCDC Chiang Mai, and in various districts throughout Chiang Mai such as Lam Chang, Chang Moi, Wat Gate, and San Kamphaeng. In 2020 there were a total of 105,41 visitors1 and participants, which had generated 493 million baht to the economy.

Both Covid-19 pandemic and digital disruption have significantly disrupted the Thai economy and definitely creative industries. Therefore, CMDW2021 focuses on networking and strengthening the bonds among the creators and communities under the theme “Co-Forward” by sharing knowledge, experiences and resources. The goals are;
- Developing products and services which adapt to the customer’s changing needs.
- Generating new jobs and income to improve the quality of life. 
- Strengthening the competitiveness of business and creative districts.

This year, the activities also focus on solving social issues, networking with the creators and expanding the creative market. Activities in the festival are developed under 5 major topics including social issues, education, art and design, BCG economy, and technology and innovation.

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