Solar Vengers

Innovation for Solar Energy Knowledge Development and Utilities Promotion



Solar Vengers is a project aimed at developing ideas and innovating prototypes of solar-powered products for commercial and public use to provide novel alternatives that meet both the economic and quality-of-life demands.

The Creative Economy Agency (Public Organization) established Solar Vengers, funded by the Power Development Fund for Business pursuant to Section 97 (5) under the supervision of the Energy Regulatory Commission (2019 grant). Aimed at promoting creative economic development, the project focuses on innovating prototypes of solar-powered products for commercial and public use, developing human resources in solar-powered products, and creating awareness regarding the use of solar energy among the public through the following activities.

1.    Design Thinking Workshop

  • Three workshops using design thinking were held: CreativeVenger, DesignVenger, and MakerVenger. The design thinking process enabled co-creation from people from different disciplines – designers, engineers, researchers, business people, and the general public – that would culminate in innovation in practical solar-powered products.
  • Twelve ideas of solar-powered products developed from this process were showcased in Bangkok Design Week 2020 during 1-9 February 2020 to create awareness of the project and amplify the outcomes conceptually. Votes were taken to select two products that would receive funding to make a 1: 1 prototype that would be tested in the real environment.

2.    Prototyping & Testing

  • The two selected ideas were developed into full-size prototypes and tested in the real environment. Test results were certified by related experts and a certification institution
  • A survey was conducted through questionnaires and interviews with a target group, comprised of users, service providers, and related parties, on their opinions to assess the 1:1 prototypes. 
  • A prototype development report was prepared detailing the data in each stage, materials used, colors, etc, plus essential technical information such as how to assemble and disassemble the parts.

3.    “SOLAR LAND” Exhibition 1 October - 27 December 2020, TCDC Bangkok

  • Aimed as a mechanism to disseminate knowledge in alternative energy on a large scale, the exhibition was conducted in a way that allows interaction with visitors via SOLAR MONOPOLY: Interactive Life-Size Monopoly Game. 
  • Showcasing more than 30 innovations from around the world, SOLAR LAND provided information on alternative energy to the public who are interested in technology and innovation regarding solar energy and related products and services. 
  • It also introduced products and services that could be expanded further to maximize benefits for related government agencies, the private sector, the general public, and entrepreneurs working in the energy sector.


Prototype: Foresee, a smart solar-powered helmet


Prototype: SolarPOH, a service-on-pier system that facilitates waterways passengers

Project Update


"SOLAR LAND" Exhibition

The SOLAR LAND exhibition was held from 1 October to 27 December 2020, at the Gallery on the first floor of the back building and the Rooftop Garden on the fifth floor of TCDC Bangkok, to create an understanding of solar energy use among the general public and disseminate knowledge in technology, innovation, and product and service design concept, through a life-sized monopoly game aimed to harness the energy in the land of the sun. Let's build a clean-energy city in the future together.


Prototyping & Testing

SolarPOH: smart pier
Foresee: smart solar-powered helmet
Sol(y)ar: modular floor tiles that store solar energy


Bangkok Design Week 2020 Showcasing

Twelve solar-powered innovations were showcased at the Bangkok Design Week 2020 on 1-9 February 2020 to create project awareness and amplify conceptual outcomes conceptually.



Design Thinking Workshop

Three workshops were conducted: CreativeVenger, DesignVenger, and MakerVenger using design thinking and co-creation to develop the concepts of innovation related to the production and use of solar energy.