Pakk Taii Design Week 2023

Pakk Taii Design Week is an annual creative festival in the southern region. It acts as a platform to foster regional potential, develop the creative ecosystem, and connect creators from different creative industries in the area. The festival emphasizes the vital importance of fostering the identity and creatively enhancing the cultural capital of the southern region. Ultimately, this will enhance living quality, produce employment chances, generate business revenue, and increase competitiveness.

Pakk Taii Design Week 2023 (PTDW2023), organized by the Creative Economy Agency (Public Organization), or CEA, will be launched for the first time during 12 - 20 August 2023, in Songkhla Province under the theme "The Next Spring". The event aims to provide an open space for talented individuals in 14 southern provinces from various creative industries to showcase their works. Participants also include those involved in city development plans, the production sector, manufacturers, students, graduates, and local residents. Participants will get to join hands or even go home together to discuss ways in which they can add economic value to a multitude of existing cultural riches in a more modern manner. 

Elements that have been highlighted include food, local wisdom, buildings, and festivities. They will be promoted through creative ideas, ensuring that they will not remain stagnant while the identity will be maintained, creating balance between conservation and development, transferring the concept of the creative economy, improving living quality for the people, and offering new career opportunities. Other related aspects include increasing business hours suitable for the area and pushing forward the birth of the creative economy by encouraging expansion and development to make it attractive for living, investment, and travel.

A lot of younger generations have returned to their hometowns more and more in recent years. Many people ask themselves, "When was the last time I went home?" However, "What should I do at home, and can I really survive with it?" is the main factor that challenges their decision.

In the meantime, a lot has changed since they left their homeland. What was once precious and the charms that they would never discover or may be neglected are progressively withering and vanishing over time since no one is caring for and carrying on with them. 
Therefore, the moment has come for all Southerners, wherever they are now, to reflect on their roots in order to identify their strengths, determine what can be done to showcase them, and decide what type of home they want to return to. So, they can go back and help pave the way to build their own unique home that meets the needs of the modern day.

Let’s find out the new meaning of the South, revive the things that used to flourish in the past, along with creating the path for new things to bloom in accordance with the modern context. Together we can bring about the time of hope that will bloom endlessly by ourselves. Soon enough, we can find out the answer for ourselves about what we could do when we are home. 

We Are the Next Spring.

PTDW2023 will be organized at three key areas in Songkhla province , namely Songkhla Old Town, Laem Son Pier, Hua Khao community, and Hat Yai district, including Tubtiang in Trang and A-Rom-Dee in Patani. The festival features five major concepts:

1. Pakk Taii Roots
2. Pakk Taii Homecoming
3. Pakk Taii Open House
4. Pakk Taii Neighborship
5. Pakk Taii Market

via six activities comprising: 

1. Performance & Show – entertainment, performances, music, and live performances. These will be featured in both traditional and contemporary manners, creating playful and enjoyable vibes of the city while promoting good relations among the people.

2. Exhibition & Installation – spaces are available for showcasing the arts and crafts including lighting display, creative technology and a range of multimedia presentations.

3. Talk & Workshop – talks and workshops will be organized to provide greater knowledge, bringing new and innovative ideas from talented and creative individuals and experts from Thailand and overseas.

4. Activity & Event – activities that aim to create a range of experiences such as film screening, fashion show, open house, tours, and events.

5. Market & Promotion – community and creative markets will be set up to test the demands and needs which could benefit business opportunities and income generation, along with the activities to stimulate sales for shops within the area.

6. Experiment – workshops onsite to present possible concepts to help solve problems and improve living quality, which the concepts can be tangibly adopted and applied.

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