Isan Creative Festival 2023

The Creative Economy Agency (public organization) or CEA, in collaboration with network partners from government agencies, the private sector, and the education sector, is organizing the Isan Creative Festival 2023 between April 1 and 9, 2023, from 11.00 am to 9.00 pm, under the theme "Regional (enlight) sation," to promote the potential of designers and creators throughout the Northeastern region and to improve the quality of life and society through creativity.

Furthermore, the festival focuses on activities that correspond to three outstanding creative industries in Isan: 1. Isan Entertainment, 2. Isan Gastronomy, and 3. Isan Craft & Design, while also serving as a prototype development platform 'Creative Economic District' to become a 'Creative City' at the national level, elevating the Northeastern region to be 'livable, attractive for investment, and attractive for tourism,' promoting knowledge and new business opportunities that are ready to encourage with the changing world through 6 main activities of the festival, which total more than 100 programs including; 

1. Showcase & Exhibition
2. Event & Music Program 
3. Talk & Workshop 
4. D-KAK Market
5. Creative District Project
6. Creative Tour

Event Venues in 2 Creative Districts

1. Kangsadan district
    - Thailand Creative and Design Center (TCDC Khon Kaen)
    - Bueng Nong Waeng Trachu Public Park
2. Sichan district
    - The Treasury Museum
    - Chao Pho Khun Phakdi Community
    - Khon Kaen Innovation Center

The following activities are presented through the four dimensions of Isan:

1. “Enlight the Livelihood” How to preserve local knowledge while also promoting Isan's creative businesses.
2. “Enlight the City” Through creativity and design, creates new opportunities for the development of creative spaces in the heart of the city.
3. “Enlight the Opportunity” To foster an enabling environment for business. Creators and young entrepreneurs can return to develop their hometowns through the operator.
4. “Enlight the Companion” Awaken the creative power of the Northeastern region's more than 39 agencies, including the government, private sector, civil society, and education sector.


1. Festival Hoppers 
2. Idea Seekers
3. Isan Lovers
4. Creators


The long-term potential of the creative economy as an empowering movement toward a balanced and sustainable economy is served by the Creative Economy Agency (public organization) or (CEA). 

The construction of an economic district is one of CEA's key responsibilities. We achieve this through promoting and developing locations that are suitable for a creative environment and launching a new business, as well as by seeking to make connections with the local communities. The Thai economy and society are improved by creativity in three major areas: creative people, creative businesses, and creative places. Therefore, CEA supports the growth of the creative industry, including at the regional level.
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Thailand Creative and Design Center (TCDC) 
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