From Suffix for Euphony of Songs to ISANCF2022’s Theme

“Ting Ling Ting” is frequently heard in Isan folk lullabies, such as “Nok Cha Ko," "Norn Salha,” and others, and it implies amusement and a great sense of humor. With the high tones, the singing sound of the words sounds similar to Pin, or Isan local stringed instrument. Most of all, “Ting Ling Ting” is found in the song Isan Man Ngun, which is the theme music of ISANCF2022, and it has a similar sound to the English phrase "Think Link Things”, the main theme of Isan Creative Festival 2022.

This year, the festival preparation starts by observing the world’s trends which Thailand, as one of the world’s citizens, is inevitably encountering as well. Whether it is a shift in the economic and financial system, which the world is increasingly focusing on—the safe and publicly accessible technology, Blockchain technology, that debuted well-known cryptocurrencies like Bitcoin, the one-and-only digital asset trading, NFT, and the upcoming virtual community, Metaverse, which various large corporations throughout the world are speeding up to establish their businesses on Metaverse.

Despite the fact that technology allows people to communicate at the press of a button, the emerging disease forces every country to look within and assess its own latent potential in order to reduce dependency on outsiders. As a result, finding and developing Soft Power, from culture and value, has been widely applied. As a consequence, Isan Creative Festival 2022 will not only focus on international technology and innovation but also on identifying and developing the region's assets, which will lead to the festival's three outstanding identity creations, such as:

Isan Entertainment: "Exhilaration" is one of the Isan people's traits that accurately reflects their way of life and identity, as evidenced through Mor Lam music. As a result, ISANCF2022 employs music and performances to make the festival more enjoyable. It also examines the possibilities for bringing the potentials of entertainment and culture to the world stage, from the viewpoints of both Thai and international experts.

Connecting and gathering the creators network across Isan (ISAN Regional): Following the policies, CEA Khon Kaen is devoted to boosting the regional economy. ISANCF2022 serves as a center for connecting and assembling Isan's most significant artists and creative products throughout Isan. It is also responsible for discovering new assets in the region and sharing its intriguing stories with the public. These are some of the creative development strategies to enhance the image of Isan to become a region of creativity, attract tourists and generate income which ultimately improves the quality of life of Isan people.

Value-Added Economy Model or BCG (Bio-Circular-Green Economy): The festival's exhibitions and works are pioneering efforts to communicate how science, technology, and innovation can be integrated to add value to the creative industries and respond to global sustainable development goals such as sustainable production and consumption, climate change adaptation, diversity conservation, long-term collaboration, and so on.

With all of the aforementioned factors, Isan Creative Festival 2022 (ISANCF2022) will take place for the second time on 25 February - 6 March 2022, under the theme “Think Link Things” across two major areas, namely, TCDC Khon Kaen and Srichan Creative District. 

This year, CEA Khon Kaen has set the direction to communicate to the public and the creators network which is:

“CEA Khon Kaen is an organization that uses creativity to enhance cities, businesses, and people in the Northeast to drive the economy and improve the quality of life of the local people.”

Main Programs in ISANCF 2022, held online and offline
Compact, but Impact

1. Showcase & Exhibition 
Showcase, exhibition and installation

2. Talk & Workshop                     
Talk and workshop to share new ideas and inspiration 

3. Event & Entertainment Program
Activity for creators to showcase their talents in various forms

4. Creative District Project 
District and quality of life development project to promote creative economy for resident’s opportunity and income

5. D-KAK Market
Creative flea market for entrepreneurs and business network expansion 

6. Creative Tour
Community tourism promotion and local culture learning activity

7. Promotion
Sale promotion activity to support local businesses participation

Isan Creative Festival

Isan Creative Festival 2022 is an intellectual playground for works showcased by the collaboration between CEA Khon Kaen, creative entrepreneurs, creators network, public and private sectors, and civil society, in keeping with the Isan environment and identity, which encompasses amusement, diversified culture and tradition. The festival is presented through exhibitions and showcases, and it highlights three of the region's most notable creative industries: entertainment, food, and crafts. All creations went through the industrial value-adding process, from the very first step, to demonstrate Isan's potential in local, business, social and cultural aspects. Creative businesses, services, and tourism are also promoted at the festival by integrating neighborhoods’ storytelling, people, local businesses, and local products, as well as assisting local companies in the area to profit from district enhancement. All of these findings, however, support more than just business driving but also improve people’s wellbeing and society's quality, as well as the community's capacity for long-term self-development.

In summary, Isan Creative Festival is set to serve the objectives as follows:
1. Encourage creative industries by bringing together designers and businesses to create new design vision and expand the network for the creative industries enhancement;
2. Add value to the cultural capital and local assets. Create opportunities for businesses to capitalize on cultural capital and local assets, by utilizing creativity and design to improve quality of life and revenue; and 
3. Advancing creative cities by developing new technology-based facilities and utilities to support design work and foster collaboration with other creative city networks.

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