HERB TO GO: Empowering Thai Herbs

Thailand is abundant in medicinal plants and herbs, over 1,800 kinds, and these herbs come with many benefits that can create new possibilities and add value to health and beauty products. Creative Economy Agency (Public Organization) or CEA recognizes the importance of furthering the creative potential of Thai herbs. Therefore, we have come up with “HERB TO GO: Empowering Thai Herbs'', a collaboration project with 9 community enterprises in 3 model provinces, i.e., Krabi, Sakon Nakhon, and Samut Prakan to create model businesses and added value to Thai herbal products. We will connect selling points of each province through Space Compass Creation which derives from identifying local potentials, finding market strategy that responds to current demand, adding value to products via innovation, and communicating via storytelling and brand communication.

Project Implementation in 3 potential provinces

“HERB TO GO: Empowering Thai Herbs” is created under the concept “A New Shade of Thai Herbs”. CEA has visited the three model provinces with different themes in mind; KRABI GOES GREEN, SAKON NAKHON: SUPERFOOD SUPERFRUIT, and SAMUT PRAKAN: HEALTH TO GO. All three are provinces that have potential for furthering the production of herbal products because of their geographic attributes and abundance of local herbs. This adds a specific identity that differentiates them from the rest.

The results of this project, from applying creativity and collaboration, are new nine herbal products that have been added value through innovation with good standard and beautiful design and creative selling points through interesting local stories. This is a great way to encourage small entrepreneurs to develop products from Thai herbs to not only meet market demand, generate income, create opportunities for community enterprises but also add value to the local economy.

Results: 9 products and 9 stories from 3 provinces that empowering Thai herbs

As a result of this project, 9 products and 9 stories from 3 provinces have come out of “HERB TO GO” which include:

Krabi in the theme of “KRABI GOES GREEN”

1. SUNPALM by Krabi Community Enterprise for Natural Red Palm Oil

Red Palm is an economic plant of Krabi. This community thus decides to use red palm fruits to produce sunscreen with UV Protector SPF50+ PA++++ that does not harm the coastal reefs and is friendly to the environment and water.

2. Pethology+ by Thong Raum Jai Community Enterprise

A preventative spray for skin diseases in pets that uses Derris trifoliata Lour, a local plant, as the main ingredient.

3. Mika Klare by Sarhai Konnok Krabi Community Enterprise

From the farmers that grow and produce Caulerpa sertularioides, they have developed a post-sun-exposure skincare product in a form of gel.

Sakon Nakhon in the theme of “SUPERFOOD SUPERFRUIT”

4. Harng Grains by Harng WaRichbhumi Community Enterprise

This community enterprise changes the public perception of Harng Rice, a well-known processed rice product of the northeast, to provide an alternative to consumers by turning it into a ready-to-eat snack bar that is made of Harng rice mixed with other grains to make it more nutritious.

5. CannaBy by Bhumi Banpen Integrative Agricultural Community Enterprise

This community enterprise produces honey-preserved Thai Stick (a local cannabis variety), that is ready to be mixed into beverages. This product will help you relax and remind you of the identity of Banpen.

6. Warino by Ban Don Chaing Kruer Herb Plantation and Phytotherapy Community Enterprise

This enterprise develops a seasoning powder form cannabis that would add the umami flavor to your dish. This community enterprise is located in Sakon Nakhon that has been known for growing Thai Stick.

Samut Prakan in the theme of “HEALTH TO GO”

7. Maingo by Huachiew Chalermprakiet University

A toothpaste tablet that has Mangiferin extracted from the leaves of Nam Dok Mai mango which helps stop bacterial growth. They come in a modern looking packaging that is easy to carry when traveling.

8. Zenplura by Bang Pla Community Enterprise: Beverage for Health, THC

Pluchea indica is a local plant found along the mangrove forests. This community enterprise uses a combination of Pluchea indica extract, Centella asiatica extract, and Aloe vera extract to produce a skin spray for daily use. These extracts are natural antioxidants.

9. Im Sook – Im Jai by Bang Bor Agricultural Cooperative Community Enterprise

A black rice germ porridge that is made from the top three ingredients of Samut Prakan, i.e, black rice germ, Bang Bor salted gourami, and Wolffia globosa. These ingredients are rich in nutrients, antioxidants, vitamins, and minerals.

Project Update



A creative online seminar organized by CEA on the 10th of September 2022 via Zoom. The purpose of this seminar was to find new possibilities for herbal products. Three lecturers discussed interesting issues including “Business Building from Local Potential Capital'' by Cherry-Khemupsorn Sirisukha, actress, community and environment developer, and the founder of Sirithaibrand. “Value-adding Innovation for Thai Herbal Businesses” by Dr. Petchpailin Pongboriboon, the managing director of Kaolaor Pharma. “Selling Point Communication Design for Business'' by Rewat Chumnan, an expert on design thinking, creative research, and a certified expert on brand communication. 


HERB TO GO Showcase

An exhibition of 9 new concepts for herbal products from “HERB TO GO: Empowering Thai Herbs”, this was to present the interestingness and new possibilities of these products which were the results of this Project. This exhibition took place during 9 August - 9 September 2022 at the front lobby of TCDC Bangkok, Fl. 1, Bangkok, 10400.