Bangkok Design Week 2024

‘Livable Scape’, 27 January - 4 February 2024

Hard Matters . Heart Matters . Design Matters

Bangkok: A Tourist's Delight, (but Not Yet) a Pleasant Place to Live

In various rankings of ‘tourist cities,’ Bangkok consistently claims the top city as a destination everyone wants to visit. This is attributed to the charm of its diverse tourist attractions, palatable food options at all price ranges, a reasonable cost of living for travelers, and most importantly, its friendly people. 

Nonetheless, Bangkok's ranking in the category of ‘livable cities’ falls far behind due to various structural issues. These include traffic congestion, inadequate infrastructure to support daily life, air quality problems, and insufficient green spaces and public areas. Moreover, Bangkok faces future challenges, such as the rise of the aging population and rapid urban transformation, all while struggling with a weakened cultural foundation.

Being a ‘desirable tourist destination’ alone is not sufficient to make the city robust and resilient in the face of current global challenges. The city's livability is an essential aspect that supports sustainable and inclusive urban development. This is achieved through urban experiences that integrate physical, mental, and social well-being, spanning from private spaces to public areas, and from neighborhoods to the city as a whole. The city should provide goods, services, and activities that cater to every need, fostering connections between people and the urban context, embracing local culture and the environment. Additionally, it should create diverse connections that unite individuals within society, promoting exchange, collaboration, and action.

Bangkok Design Week 2024 (BKKDW2024) thus serves as a dynamic platform for new ideas and urban experiences throughout the city. It encourages everyone to participate in creating a ‘Livable Scape’ in all possible forms — from the small things around us to the relationships we build, the space we inhabit, the environment we live in, and the views we see. This is achieved through the Festivalisation of the city in three essential dimensions:

1. Hard Matters: A city that is physically well-designed, easily accessible, and promotes good health.
2. Heart Matters: A city that is emotionally nurturing, caring for its people, offering a variety of activities, and celebrating authentic culture.
3. Design Matters: A city that is well-designed, ensuring a good life. 

These three dimensions are crucial for fostering thriving spaces, strong communities, and contributing to the creative economy. Together, we can transform Bangkok into a city that is not only ‘livable’ and ‘attractive for investment’ but also ‘worth visiting’ — a lovable city for its residents, investors, and visitors. Let’s move beyond ideology to practicality. Anyone can take the first step. 

The more people take action, the better the city, and consequently the better the quality of life.

Bangkok Design Week 2024 (BKKDW2024), the 7th edition, is scheduled to take place from 27 January to 4 February 2024, from 11.00 - 22.00 hrs. This year’s theme is ‘Livable Scape’: The More People Take Action, The Better The City. The event will span across 15 districts of Bangkok, including Charoenkrung - Talat Noi, Phra Nakhon, Pak Khlong Talat, Nang Loeng, Yaowarat, Hua Lamphong, Ari - Pradipat, Bang Pho - Kiak Kai, Wongwian Yai - Talat Phlu, Kaset - Bang Bua, Phrom Phong, Siam - Ratchathewi, Bangkok Yai - Wang Doem, Phra Khanong - Bang Na, Bang Mot, and others. 

BKKDW2024 is presented through six key programs, featuring more than 500 activities, including: 

1. Exhibitor Program

This program showcases diverse design products addressing urban life issues, contributing to an enhanced quality of life. 

  • Special Project: ‘HACK BKK’ - A challenging design prompt by BMA that fosters collaborative changes with a focus on people at the center.
  • Showcasing design outcomes and creative works within a diverse range of programs including exhibitions, talks, and workshops, seamlessly integrated into the urban context.

2. Academic Program

This program aims to showcase and harness student potential, preparing them for entry into the creative industry.

  • Special Project: The ‘Tell the District Story to the Neighbor’ project facilitates collaboration among educational institutes, designers, and the private sector to co-create projects using new and diverse approaches.
  • Volunteer: Join the BKKDW staff team to gain hands-on experience in creative festival management, communications, and teamwork across various tasks. Over 100 positions are needed.

3. Business Program

This program serves as a platform to connect business networks, fostering revenue generation and providing valuable job opportunities.

  • Partnership Initiative: ‘CROSS Collab’ - Embracing challenges proposed by agencies, organizations, and brands, this initiative connects the BKKDW designer network, fostering collaboration and leading to novel design creations and elevated outcomes.
  • Creative Market & Promotion: Experience a creative market organized both on-site and online, including promotional activities of creative businesses participating in the festival.

4. International Program

This program aims to build networks and collaborations between Thai and international designers, with a primary focus on knowledge exchange and creating opportunities for the Thai creative industry.

  • International Exhibition Collaborations: 20 programs created through collaborations with agencies from 17 countries.
  • ‘In Residence’: International creators engaging in collaborative projects with local communities.

5. Local Community Program

This program focuses on community development projects in collaboration with local stakeholders, aiming to create a vibrant and engaged community.

  • Building on the existing businesses and craft skills to recreate new images that are unique and can be marketed through the Made in.. project.
  • Community Vibes: The collaborative projects between artists and locals, celebrating the community’s cultural assets.
  • The special community markets that combine creativity and original cultural value to generate income, such as Ban Krua Flea Market, Ta Lak Kia Friendly Market, etc.

6. Lively Program

This program is designed to infuse movement, elevate the creative atmosphere, and bring vibrancy to the space, ultimately attracting a larger audience to the festival.

  • Music & Performing: Featuring Open Stage/Music Collaboration Stage/Music Exchange 
  • Event: Tour/Open House 

Join us at Bangkok Design Week 2024, taking place from 27 January - 4 February 2024, to enhance the quality of life and contribute to making Bangkok a more livable city. For more details about the programs, visit, and explore venues at

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